Environmental issues have come to the forefront in printing over recent years and large capital investments have been made by us to become environmentally friendly.

Did you know, that the paper industry plants more trees than it harvests and without the paper industry, sustainable forests may not be planted.

Paper is biodegradable, renewable and is the world's most sustainable industry.  Forestry plantations provide clean air, clean water and valuable carbon storage.

Pre-Press Plate Production
We use direct CTP (Computer to Plate) technology and where possible Afga chemical free plates that only requires gum to develop the image, which is water soluble and harmless. The CTP printing plates are made from 100% aluminum and once used are sent for recycling.

Beer Mat Coaster Board
The beer mat board is produced from wood-pulp. The pulp is constructed from a mix of already recycled paper pulp (about 85%) and Scandinavian indigenous softwood. The softwood is purchased from forests that adhere to the ‘sustainable forestry program’ where more trees are planted than are felled. This pulp is light brown in colour and unsuitable for printing purposes so a final sheet of chlorine-free bleached paper tops the bulk.  Beer mat board is 100% recyclable.

Print and Produce
We use a range of process inks containing renewable source resins and vegetable oils. These inks are described as ‘’Vegi or Eco’’ process inks. The inks contain various vegetable oils such as soya and linseed oils to give the required properties. These inks are entirely vegetable oil based which is water soluble and harmless.

All waste sheets and skeletons are collected and recycled in a normal paper recycling plant. All packing materials are 100% recyclable.

All endeavors have been made by us to use recyclable materials, to recycle waste, use chemical free processes and create a recyclable product.

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