Custom Stubby Holders

Custom stubby holders have become the backbone of many campaigns since they are carried around at corporate functions, weddings and beverage promotions, private parties and so much more. 

Why Choose Personalised Stubby Coolers

Stubby holders are a great choice for promoting your business or event as they are very popular and are usually kept and used over and over again. Stubby holders have an ample amount of space to get all the key details printed in high quality. Contact details, a logo, graphics supplied or custom designs can be printed onto the material to create a great marketing product.

Design Template

Our professionally designed stubby holders are printed in full colour digital print, using dye sublimation, meaning you are not limited by the number of colours. We are able to print beautiful, rich coloured photographs, logos and artwork onto stubby coolers, bar runners and more! To download our stubby cooler design template, please click the link below.

Showcase Your Business With Our Premium Stubby Coolers

Put your business in the hands of your customers with our stubby coolers in Australia. Add your company logo, art and more. 

Promote Your Business on the Go

When it comes to promotional merch, our custom printed stubby holders are hard to beat. These popular keepsakes provide the perfect canvas for showcasing your business.  

They provide your customers with a practical item they can bring everywhere, boosting your brand’s visibility while keeping your customers’ drinks cold. They are an excellent choice for businesses looking to expand their reach.

At Coastal Coasters, we can fulfil any size order you need, from small runs to massive orders for big events. All you have to do is send us your image, and we’ll print your custom stubby holders on our state-of-the-art printers. Each one features vibrant colours and stunning picture clarity. Order yours today. 

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Perfect for Any Occasion

Our custom stubby coolers combine functionality and style. This makes them a favourite among organisers and attendees alike.

Corporate Events

Stubby holders serve as branded keepsakes that employees and clients can use long after the event. This ensures continued exposure for your business and keeps you at the front of your clients’ minds. 

Trade Shows

Stand out from the crowd at your next trade show. Our stubby coolers will help you keep your brand fresh in attendees’ minds long after the event. 


Our customised stubby holders are perfect if you want a new product to add to your business or e-commerce store. They are affordable, durable and can feature any design. 

Weddings and Parties

Add a little pizzazz to your next bash with our stubby holders. We can help you create custom favours that your guests will actually want, adding a nice touch to your event. 

Why Invest in Custom Stubby Holders for Your Business

If you want to set your business apart, promotional stubby holders are an excellent choice. See why they are the perfect option when you need branded merch. 

Boost Brand Visibility

Unlike some promotional items, stubby holders will likely be used repeatedly, especially in warmer climates or seasons. Since stubby holders are often used in social settings and gatherings, they naturally encourage word-of-mouth marketing, further extending your brand’s reach.

Expand Your Reach

Personalised stubby holders cater to a wide demographic. They are not limited by age, gender, or interests, making them an inclusive promotional item that can appeal to a broad audience. 

A Cost-Effective Option

Stubby holders are lightweight and compact, they are cost-effective to produce and distribute. Making them ideal for trade shows, mobile events, and even direct mail campaigns. Additionally, they are durable and continue to promote your brand for as long as the holder lasts, providing long-term marketing benefits from a single investment.

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