Scorecards can be designed by us with either a new design or can be based off artwork already designed for your company. You can also supply your own artwork that has been designed to our exact specifications and is ready to be printed straight away. Please see our design specifications if you choose to make your own artwork.

Once the artwork is created and you have signed off on it, we will put the scorecards into a venue that is near you. We can give you a list of approved venues to choose from. The amount of ends will depend on what the venue uses in their games.

If you would like a larger quantity or have any questions about what’s written below, please fill out the form on our Trade Enquiries page.

Press ready artwork is a design that meets our exact specifications and has been supplied as a PDF, EPS, High res Tiff, JPEG or Flattened PSD. Please see our Artwork and Design Specifications on how to set your design up. Press ready artwork is not a scanned image saved to pdf. Please make sure you have read and understand the artwork and design specifications page before selecting press ready artwork. Additional charges will be made if it does not meet the requirements.

$395.00 ex. GST
$595.00 ex. GST

Artwork Options

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