• Full Colour Design
  • 370 to 430 GSM Genuine Beer Mat Board
  • Square: 95mm x 95mm - Min Qty 2000
  • Round: 95mm diameter - Min Qty 5,000
  • Rectangle: 80mm x 110mm - Min Qty 10 000
  • Oval: 130mm x 110mm - Min Qty 10 000
  • Other Shapes and Sizes Available on request
  • Can print up to and over 3,000,000 Coasters


Our drink coasters are printed on genuine beer mat board which is of the highest quality and environmentally friendly. We specialise in the production of coasters and pride ourselves on the quality of our products. The most popular shapes ordered are square and round. We do have a number of dies available for other shapes and sizes, for example:

  • Rectangles
  • Ovals
  • Hexagonal

We have the facilities required to make any shape and can print orders up to and over 3 million coasters per week. Beer coasters are a great way to advertise anything including businesses, special drinks, new brands, upcoming events and any specials. Some beer coasters have advertising on both sides.

Beer coasters can be received for free if you are a venue that would like to sign up with our company and support your local businesses who pay and supply them for you, generating revenue for their own company. Your tables and bars are prevented from incurring damage from spills and condensed moisture and the locals are happy to see their business advertised over a period of time. They will bring their family and friends to show off their pride and joy on the tables and bars in turn giving support back to the venue.

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